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Kay and Brian

Nude with Attitude

Nude with Attitude Book cover-lgNude with Attitude relates the nude adventures of Kay Hannam, exploring her family’s casual attitude to nudity and her own experience as a teenager swimming naked in Caroline Bay. A natural progression, skinny dipping with her two young children, led her to discover the world of social nudity.

Kay lives the naturist life. She might not be naked all the time but if there’s an opportunity to be nude when there’s no real need for clothes, she makes the most of it. NIFOC (Nude in front of computer) Kay carries out daily chores free from clothing and modesty, greeting visitors without shame.

Kay has compiled a frank account of her passion for a clothes-free lifestyle. Her memoir is now available. Order your copy now.

NZD30.00 New Zealand wide
NZD35.00 Australia
NZD45.00 other countries
all prices p&h incl.

Please complete the online form to request your copy and use our contact page if you have any questions for Kay

Here is what one of our readers had to say about Nude with Attitude:

My apologies for not having acknowledged that I received your book sooner. (Thought the shipping time was fast). I think your book was well done; I also appreciated the format that it was printed on. (It may be a paperback, but it definitely was a cut above the softbacks I am used to seeing). I had forgotten that particular publishing format with the flap/bookmark since I had left the Pacific.
Thanks again for adding me to your newsletter. It makes me jealous that I can't get-away to sight-see New Zealand or any of y'all's events, but that's the way it goes . . . Have a good yuletide season and a happy new year!
Tucson, Arizona

On Fishpond,
I have just completed reading Nude With Attitude and must say to anyone who might be considering to experience or find out more regarding the Naturist Lifestyle this is the book for you to read . Kay's information and story of how she has helped the New Zealand Naturists move ahead is remarkable and also let the general public understand the true meaning of being a Naturist . She was awarded a Business Excellence Award which is no mean feat for a Naturist Club . It is also a must read for those existing true naturists ever considering to visit New Zealand and Europe and other countries on a Naturists Holiday as well as visiting those must see textile locations.
I have read and it wont be long before I will read it again.

cover tony and meDefying Convention
The Truth about Tony and Me
by Joyce Fleming

This is a remarkably explicit personal social history and an indictment of the male dominated world of 1950s Britain when motherhood outside of marriage was regarded as shameful. Copies of the book may be purchased by using the contact details on this page. RRP$29.95 plus p&h. Proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to St John Ambulance.